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Contact: Ranit Schmelzer

May 18, 2015

Youth-Serving Nonprofits Selected for Fair Chance Partnership

Program strengthens nonprofits filling critical community needs in DC's most underserved communities

Washington, DC - Eight enterprising youth-serving nonprofits that work in Washington, DC's most underserved communities have been selected to participate in an intensive, year-long program provided by Fair Chance to increase their organizational effectiveness. This program is highly selective and only offered to promising or growing nonprofits addressing the needs of young people in poverty. This year's participants - the Class of 2016 - provide services ranging from improving academic outcomes to teaching practical skills to making healthy choices and collectively serve over 4600 children and youth across DC.

“Far too many of DC children live in poverty and, as a result, will experience life-long challenges," said Gretchen Van der Veer, Executive Director of Fair Chance. "Neighborhood nonprofits fill a critical need and provide these children with essential services. At Fair Chance, we're proud to help these organizations improve their capacity to demonstrate results and be more sustainable so they, in turn, can help more kids. Congratulations to our Class of 2016. They have a challenging year ahead of them, but one we know will result in positive outcomes for them - and they children they serve."

Fair Chance annually selects up to ten nonprofits and provides them with free capacity building, coaching, and assistance in organizational management - up to 500 hours per nonprofit. At the end of their "partnership" year, organizations on average increase their fundraising, the number of children they serve, and 90% report an increase in ability to measure and report on outcomes.

Weekly sessions with Fair Chance's full-time organization development specialists focus holistically across competencies such as financial management, program evaluation, strategic planning, and board and leadership development, among others. Since 2002, Fair Chance has partnered with more than 90 nonprofit organizations, serving a combined 80,000 children.

The nonprofits selected to join Fair Chance's Class of 2016 include:

"What we got out of this experience was really about strengthening this organization for the long term," said Nakeisha Neal Jones, Executive Director of Pubic Allies Washington DC, a member of the Fair Chance Class of 2015. "Our Board has doubled in size and we've raised more money than ever before. We're going to meet all the goals we set out as a result of our partnership."


Fair Chance improves the lives of children in Washington, DC's most underserved communities by selecting promising youth-serving nonprofits and providing them with free comprehensive expertise in organizational management for up to two years. Our capacity building consulting services - up to 500 hours per nonprofit - result in stronger organizations and significant and lasting benefits for the children they serve. Since 2002, Fair Chance has partnered with more than 90 nonprofit organizations, serving a combined 80,000 children. More information can be found at