The Fair Chance Core Partnership        

The Fair Chance Partnership provides Executive Directors of local nonprofits with up to 350 hours of capacity building assistance focused on strengthening their operations in the areas of leadership and board development, fundraising, financial management, strategic planning, program evaluation, human resources, and outreach and communications. A member of Fair Chance's team of experienced Capacity Building Specialists delivers customized services for one full year at no cost to the nonprofit. Fair Chance enhances this support by providing nonprofit partners with additional opportunities for learning, pro bono assistance, and opportunities to network with leaders of other partner and alumni organizations.

Our Results

The Partnership transforms nonprofit leaders - increasing their knowledge, skills and confidence - and it increases the effectiveness and sustainability of their organizations. In our survey of executive directors of partner organizations:
97% reported that the partership made their organizations more stable, efficient and effective.
90% expressed increased confidence in leading their organizations and greater ability to create collaborative settings to fulfill their missions.
87% declared increased ability to gather and report on data to evaluate their programs and secure additional funding.

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Click here to hear directly from our 2014 Partners.

What We Look For

Fair Chance invests in nonprofit organizations that have great potential to improve the lives of children and/or youth living in poverty, and are likely to benefit most from our intensive, holistic capacity building approach. Our ideal partners are seeking to deepen their impact and/or serve more children, and take their leadership and organizations to the next level. In reviewing applications, we take into consideration the type, frequency, and duration of services applicants provide, as well as the number of children and/or youth living in poverty who benefit from those services, the financial position of the organization, the readiness and ability of the organization’s leadership to focus on intensive capacity building, and the type of assistance the organization needs.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

To be considered for a Partnership, organizations must have:

Organizations that are local affiliates or chapters of national nonprofits must meet the requirements above AND:

The following two factors are priority considerations for the Partnership, but organizations that do not meet these criteria are still eligible and are strongly encouraged to apply:

Participation Requirements

The Partnership is intensive, deeply rewarding, and demanding. Partners work with us to complete comprehensive organizational and self-assessments at the start of the Partnership year and create a work plan. Partners are expected to commit 8 hours a week to making progress toward the work plan goals and to engage their boards and staff, when needed, in activities related to organizational strengthening. The 8 hour commitment includes meeting weekly with a Fair Chance Capacity Building Specialist. Partners are expected to attend partner and Alumni Network events, participate in the Fair Chance Network's online community of Executive Directors and support our outreach and evaluation efforts with data as needed. Both the Executive Director and the Board Chair are expected to attend an orientation session at the beginning of the Partnership and a graduation ceremony at the end of the Partnership.

Apply for a Fair Chance Partnership Today

Applications are due by January 9, 2017 at 11:59 PM. If you have any questions, please contact us at