Alumni Partner Organizations

After completing a first and/or second year of partnership with Fair Chance, partners join a thriving Alumni network. Fair Chance Alumni receive regular learning and networking opportunities through: quarterly roundtable events, access to our partner e-forum, Executive Director breakfasts, pro bono services, continued staff support when needed and invitations to various other events. Fair Chance values and maintains relationships with its partners to build a stronger community of support for DC children and youth.

Academy of Hope - Academy of Hope provides high-quality educational empowerment and support to adults in the District of Columbia by helping them earn high school credentials, improve their math and reading skills, and learn how to use and apply computer technologies through an experiential approach that focuses on life skills and provides its students with new knowledge that can be immediately applied in their lives.

Access Youth, Inc - recognizes the unlimited potential of each child and provides youth with access to resources, support, and services that empower them to transform themselves and make life choices that positively impact their future. ACCESS Youth programs touch individuals at all stages of their lives. Developing skills and fostering friendships, ACCESS Youth combines the benefits of mentorship and mediation in dynamic and engaging summer and after school programs.

Advocates for Justice and Education - Advocates for Justice and Education educates parents, youth, and the community about the laws governing public education, specifically for children with special needs. In Washington, DC's low-income, under-served communities, Advocates for Justice and Education empowers parents to be effective advocates and youth to self-advocate to ensure that children receive an appropriate education.

Alliance of Concerned Men - goal is to save the lives of at-risk youth residing in high crime areas of Washington, DC. Their mentoring program aims to change attitudes and value systems of children, youth, and young adults who are at-risk and/or in crisis by promoting and teaching independence, positive life skills, and beneficial survival techniques to help them re-join the mainstream of American life.

Amara Legal Center - The Amara Legal Center provides free legal services to survivors of sex trafficking and individuals harmed through involvement in commercial sex in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Anacostia Community Outreach Center (ACOC) - Anacostia Community Outreach Center provides long-term services and assists residents of the Anacostia community of southeast, Washington, DC by meeting their immediate needs for food, clothing, education, and employment. ACOC achieves its goal through education, youth sports, social services, recreational, and counseling services programming.

Ascensions Community Services, Inc. - Ascensions Community Services helps disadvantaged children and families rise above past and current difficulties to a place of renewed wellness, competency, and stability through psychological interventions, culturally competent psychological evaluations, and relevant psych-education.

Beyond Talent - *closed - Beyond Talent empowers non-traditional high school graduates in the Washington, DC area to overcome barriers to higher education and employment so they can succeed and start cycles of success in their communities. Beyond Talent provides a high level of encouragement throughout its three programs: Next Steps/College and Career Counseling, Peer Mentoring, and College Readiness.

Brainfood - Brainfood uses food as a tool to build life skills with youth in a fun and creative setting. Through culinary-related activities, they promote active learning, self-reliance and healthy living to empower youth as resources in their own community.

Breakthrough Collaborative - *closed - Breakthrough increases educational opportunity for high-potential, low-income middle school students and inspires outstanding college and high school students to pursue careers in education. Breakthrough accomplishes its mission by providing students with tutoring, mentoring, high school placement, and college counseling.

Chance Academy - Chance Academy is an education tutoring program and cooperative for homeschooled children that helps parents manage their child's education by offering arts-integrated, experiential, and site-based learning in age-appropriate small groups.

Chess Challenge - promotes the academic, social, and leadership development of youth using the game of chess. Children learn to think strategically; develop self-discipline and positive social skills; and increase their self-esteem.

CHOICE - CHOICE's mission is to encourage, support, and transition youth and adults through education by providing educational and career assessments, continuing education and high school diploma attainment, curriculum tutoring, work readiness and employment preparation, and vocational training placement.

City Gate - mission is to empower those on the margins of urban society to access more fully the life and benefits of the larger community, and to addresses the needs of children and youth who are impoverished, disadvantaged, or disenfranchised. City Gate provides excellent out-of-school time programs, free after school and summer day camps, daily meals at several sites, and parenting and adult education programs.

City Kids Wilderness Project - is a nonprofit outdoor education program for underserved and at-risk inner-city youth from the Washington, DC metropolitan area. City Kid's program, focused on experiential learning, joins youth and staff in a cooperative family atmosphere, and utilizes the outdoor, natural environment as a classroom for academic, recreational and life skills.

College & Career Connections - (Formerly Learning Communities Initiative) *closed - College & Career Connections engages 7th - 10th grade students in motivational, experiential college and career exploration programs. College & Career Connections engages students in "real world" experiences such as college field trips, career discussions, and career field trips, which help make college attendance and the choice of a meaningful career become concrete realities.

College Tribe - is a mentoring program that aims to increase the number of African-American young men from Ward 8 who go to college and become successful men. They match elementary and middle school students to mentors with college degrees or who have a ranking of Staff Sergeant or higher in the military. Together, mentors and mentees engage in subjects such as robotics, chess, and other STEM projects, and take monthly field trips into downtown DC.

Common Good City Farm's - mission is to grow food, educate, and help low-income DC community members meet their food needs. The programs provide hands-on training in food production, healthy eating and environmental sustainability and youth employment.

Courtney's House - was started in August 2008 to serve children and youth victims of sex trafficking. Their services include intensive case management, educational assistance, survivor led CSEC support groups, trauma recovery counseling, and group therapy (art, dance, yoga). Courtney's House was founded by Tina Frundt, herself a survivor of domestic child sex trafficking.

Crittenton Services of Greater Washington - (CSGW) is a positive youth development organization with a singular focus - strengthening the ability of teen women to identify, embrace, and achieve their academic, career, and life goals. Drawing on a 124-year history of working with teen women, CSGW delivers comprehensive, science-based programs that have produced measurable results in: improving life and leadership skills; promoting healthy behaviors; and preparing teens for college and meaningful careers.

Critical Exposure - teaches youth to use the power of photography and their own voices to become effective advocates for school reform and social change. Through this approach Critical Exposure works to secure policy changes in order to ensure that all children have access to an excellent, equitable public education, fulfilling this nation's promise of providing all children with an opportunity to succeed.

DayBreak Ministries - DayBreak Ministries' faith-based programming supports under-resourced communities (mainly Lincoln Heights) through nurturing children and strengthening families. Daybreak's services offer youth mentoring, after-school programming, education and training.

DC Creative Writing Workshop - The DC Creative Writing Workshop unites parents, teachers, students, and professional writers-in-residence to transform the lives of youth through self-expression and the power of the written word, in southeast DC. D.C. Creative Writing Workshop's programs include in-class instruction, after-school clubs, teaching tolerance through literature, and a reading resource center

DC Family and Youth Initiative - is the only DC area organization focused exclusively on helping teens in foster care make lifelong connections with caring adults. They create enriching lifetime relationships for youth at risk of aging out of foster care by matching youth with host parents and mentors, and helping them find adoptive families. 2015.

DC Greens - provides education and access, bridging gaps in our local food system to ensure that all residents of the District have a deeper connection to the sources of their food and can afford fresh fruit and vegetables. DC Greens supports school gardens across the city, manages farmers' market incentive programs for low-income residents, runs a Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program, and connects the cafeteria to the classroom with "farm to school" programs across the District.

DC Lawyers for Youth - DCLY takes a holistic approach to improving the juvenile justice system organizing our efforts around prevention, representation, and rehabilitation. DCLY's work and initiatives support effective juvenile justice legislation as well as educational outreach to youth and parents.

DC Youth Orchestra - was founded in 1960 and seeks to make high quality music education available to all students, regardless of socioeconomic status or ability.

Family Matters - has a mission to positively impact the lives of children by helping them and their parents create and sustain healthy two-parent homes. They are committed to improving relationship skills that build healthy families, thereby improving the quality of life for our children and the wider community.

Empowerment Enterprise II - seeks to reduce inter-generational poverty and unemployment by equipping youth with alternatives to negative influences through life-skills coaching, musical enrichment, paid internships and job readiness training.

Fihankra Akoma Ntoaso - FAN brings a positive youth development perspective to Washington D.C. youth in foster care and provides young people with formal and informal opportunities to nurture their interests and talents, acquire new skills, and gain a new sense of personal and group recognition in an atmosphere of hope.

First Time Computers - Enhances the educational and employment prospects of low-income children and youth by widening their access to the world of technology. They seek to build their educational resources by [1] providing ready access to computers at home and [2] assisting community non-profits seeking to build computer access for the children and youth they serve. First Time Computers also improves young people's employment prospects by offering training programs in computer refurbishing and *merged with Byte Back.

The Fishing School - The Fishing School is a faith-based, after-school family and child support center that provides a safe haven with intervention and education for vulnerable youth, while empowering them to open doors to limitless possibilities. The Fishing School's community-supported programming helps students achieve academic success and improve their performance in school by providing them with supplemental academic instruction, targeted tutoring, homework assistance, test preparation, life skills training, and recreation and cultural enrichment.

FLY (Facilitating Leadership in Youth) - FLY supports youth east of the Anacostia River in achieving their goals, developing their talents, and expanding their leadership roles through one-on-one relationships with university mentors and tutors. FLY's year-round, long-term approach matches students with volunteer mentors who empower them to be leaders and advocates. Driven by youth-led decision making, FLY's program augments each student's academic learning until they graduate from high school and pursue higher education, vocational school, or meaningful employment.
*strategically merged with Kid Power in 2008

Free MindsFree Minds - Free Minds introduces incarcerated youth to the transformative power of reading and writing through a weekly book club and writing workshop. Free Minds inspires these individuals to see their potential and achieve new educational and career goals through mentorship and connecting them to supportive services throughout their incarceration into reentry.

Generation Hope - is dedicated to reducing poverty one family at a time by providing direct sponsorships and one-on-one mentoring to teen parents who are attending college in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.

The Grassroot Project - uses sports to educate at-risk youth in the community about HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.

Greater DC Diaper Bank - works to provide a reliable and adequate supply of free diapers to families in need living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The Greater DC Diaper Bank raises awareness about the need for diapers as a basic necessity, collects diapers through community events and fundraisers, and distributes diapers to families in need through a network of social service agencies.

Groundwork Anacostia River DC - mission is to bring about the sustained regeneration and improvement of the physical environment by developing community-based partnerships that empower people, businesses and organizations to promote environmental, economic and social well-being, and youth mentorship.

Hannah Johnson Community Development Corporation - *closed - Hannah Johnson Community Development Corporation offers an intensive one-on-one mentoring program serving Ward 8 youth, ages 9-13, that encourages them to positively redirect and set educational, cultural, and personal goals.

Healthy Babies Project, Inc. - connects high-risk, underserved pregnant D.C. women and families to health care, social services, and educational opportunities. HBP's one-on-one support to women means their babies have a greater chance of surviving and thriving. HBP removes barriers to receiving services and connects at-risk pregnant teenagers, women, and families to resources they need. 2015

Helping Inner City Kids (HICKS) - HICKS assists in the transformation of youth whose lives have been or are currently being affected by drugs, crime, or violence. Through a collaboration of resources, parents, and the community, HICKS is dedicated to reaching and changing the community one life at a time.

HIPS - promotes the health, rights, and dignity of individuals and communities impacted by sexual exchange and/or drug use. HIPS provides compassionate harm reduction services, advocacy, and community engagement that is respectful, non-judgmental, and affirms and honors individual power and agency.

Homeless Children's Playtime Project - nurtures healthy child development and reduces the effects of trauma among children living in temporary housing programs in the District of Columbia. The Playtime Project provides the only children's program offered in five DC shelters reaching more than 120 homeless children in families. They provide one-on-one attention, healthy snacks, and access to developmentally appropriate toys and activities designed to promote learning and joy

Hope and a Home - Hope and a Home empowers low-income families with children in Washington, DC to create stable homes for themselves and make lasting changes in their lives. By offering affordable apartments and developing a program of comprehensive support including one-on-one coaching and peer support, Hope and a Home has enabled hundreds of parents and children to achieve permanent housing, educational success, rewarding work, and family stability

Horizons Greater Washington - develops public private partnerships between independent and public school communities to provide academic, cultural, and recreational programs designed to empower economically disadvantaged students to realize their full potential. Horizons is committed to the development of the whole child by providing experiences that build problem-solving skills, foster awareness of community responsibility, instill respect for oneself and others, and encourage a life-long interest in learning.

Interstage - Interstages provides opportunities for early adolescents in low-income neighborhoods to discover talents, develop and strengthen skills, and heighten self-awareness, setting the stage for a successful transition into young adulthood. Students study the arts in historical and cultural context, so they begin to connect to history and view arts as both social indicators and tools for social change.

Joy of Sports Foundation - *closed - Joy of Sports inspires high risk youth to grow healthy in body, mind and spirit by teaching critical life success skills through sports, nutrition and education

Jubilee Jumpstart's - mission is to ensure that children are fully prepared for success in school and beyond by providing them with early education, enriched by an intense focus on social and emotional well-being, and practical support to their families.

Kid Power-DC - Kid-Power DC provides development programming to youth from under-served communities in the District of Columbia. Kid Power-DC, a civics-based organization, provides in-school and after-school programs that allow students to explore advanced civic concepts through academic enrichment, artistic means, and service-learning opportunities.

Life Pieces to Masterpieces - Life Pieces to Masterpieces (LPTM) is an arts-based, comprehensive youth development organization that serves boys and young men ages 3 to 21 living in low-income and public housing east of the Anacostia River in Washington, DC. Life Pieces to Masterpieces provides opportunities to discover and activate the innate and creative abilities of its members to change life challenges into possibilities.

LifeSTARTS - *closed - LifeSTARTS provides mentoring, life skills, coaching, support, and advocacy for youth and their families. Life Starts' actions are built upon the conviction that transformation begins with the heart, as they encourage individuals to create and cultivate a positive change in their lives and inspire others to do the same.

Linking Communities for Educational Success (LINK) - LINK empowers at-risk teens east of the Anacostia River by providing academic support, mentoring, college preparation workshops and Saturday and Summer Academies.
*strategically merged with Kid Power in 2008

Literacy Volunteers and Advocates - Literacy Volunteers and Advocates empowers adults and families by providing literacy instruction and skills-based education through classes and tutoring to help adults in the Washington, DC area who struggle with reading and writing, thereby enriching all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

The Literacy Lab - The Literacy Lab's mission is to provide high-quality, targeted reading remediation to low-income students in order to increase their literacy skills, leading to increased academic success and greater opportunities in life. Their innovative programs focus on direct instruction in phonics and phonemic awareness, repeated fluency practice, and teaching strategies for comprehension all to create a lasting and measurable impact on the students they serve

Little Lights Urban Ministries - Little Lights Urban Ministries empowers underserved youth and families in Washington, DC by developing its constituents spiritually, socially, and intellectually, through academics, life skills, the arts, and discipleship.

Live It Learn It - Live It Learn It boosts the academic achievement and motivation of students in high-needs DC public schools by supplementing conventional instruction with experiential, rigorous, academically-focused trips to DC's world-class museums, memorials, parks, and other local resources.

Love Thy Neighbor Community, Inc. - *closed - Love Thy Neighbor Community, Inc. (LTNC) is dedicated to enhancing the lives and skills of children and families in the Shipley Terrace neighborhood. LTNC provides after school tutoring, arts and recreation programs; an 8-week summer camp; and a youth and senior meal assistance program.

M.A.N.U.P. - Making A New United People (M.A.N.U.P.) is a community created organization that mentors and supports underserved youth, to achieve educational and life success and end the school-to-prison pipeline. Our programs provide young people with at least one caring adult or system of support.

Many Languages One Voice - (MLOV) fosters leadership and facilitates community-led initiatives to increase the meaningful inclusion of people in the District of Columbia who do not speak English as their primary language. MLOV's youth-led Student Multiethnic Action Research Team (SMART), advocates and organizes to reduce education disparities experienced by English Language Learner (ELL) students and their families. 2015

MELD/Evenstart - *merged with charter school - MELD/Evenstart, Inc. mission is to support adolescent families (ages 12-24) as they work to achieve literacy, healthy lifestyles, and expanded world view and economic self-sufficiency

M.O.M.I.E's TLC - nurtures the genius of children and creates a transformative learning system. M.O.M.I.E's implements a unique 3-pronged educational change strategy to address our children's urgent needs and achieve their mission: Providing high-quality direct services that are creative, culture-based learning programs for children, ages 5 to 12; Offering opportunities for parent and community involvement, advocacy, and training; Developing innovative, user-friendly educational tools, resources, and products for families and the community.

Multicultural Career Intern Program (MCIP) - MCIP works to be a "professional learning community" in which, through a collaborative environment, school administrators and teachers continuously seek and share learning opportunities to enhance their effectiveness as professionals to ultimately benefit their students.

The MusicianShip - The MusicianShip provides free music lessons and exposure to the music and media industries to at-risk youth. Their goal is to create well-rounded musicians and shift their life trajectories to pursue educational pathways and become better public citizens.

One Common Unity - mission is to improve life outcomes for vulnerable youth in Washington, D.C. through social-emotional learning curricula, creative arts programming and wilderness immersion.

One World Education - One World Education promotes global awareness, literacy and meaningful citizenship with educational resources that give voice to youth perspectives on culture and global issues. Using the One World website, youth journalists, and a curriculum, One World Education reaches into classrooms to help make better connections between students and issues happening in the world

Open City Advocates - Open City Advocates provides dedicated mentoring and advocacy services to youth reintegrating into the Washington, DC community from Oak Hill Youth Center. They empower DC's at-risk youth to recognize their dreams and live their aspirations.

Our Children, Inc. - *closed - Our Children, Inc. aims to strengthen the character and develop the minds of underserved youth through tutoring, mentoring, and HIV/AIDS outreach.

Parklands Community Center - Parklands Community Center strengthens families in the Parklands Housing Community through parenting classes, life-skills workshops, family strengthening conferences, activities, and services, and case management programs that ultimately increase the number of children succeeding in school and reduce child abuse and neglect.

Pediatric AIDS/HIV Care, Inc. - *closed - Pediatric AIDS/HIV Care, Inc. provides children living with HIV/AIDS with education, therapy, and youth programming to empower them to live healthy and successful lives. Pediatric AIDS/HIV Care is the only organization in the DC area devoted exclusively to vital support services for children and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS.

Perry School Community Services Center - uses a collaborative, comprehensive, and integrated approach to social services, economic empowerment, and youth development. Its mission is to help eradicate poverty, its causes and consequences, which results in positive outcomes for youth, adults, and families.

Pin Points Theatre - Pin Points Theater is located in Ward 7 and uses the process of theatre to teach varied audiences, especially at-risk youth, the attitudes, skills, and resources that lead to successful lives. Pin Points Theatre accomplishes this through plays, publications, and workshops that educate, entertain, and inspire happy, healthy, and productive lives.

Public Allies Washington, DC - finds young adults who are passionate about making a difference and helps them turn that passion into a career in public service. During a 10-month AmeriCorps apprenticeship, Allies develop their own leadership while strengthening community organizations. Public Allies also builds leadership amongst alumni and community partners to ensure lasting change, especially in education and workforce development. 2015

Project Create - is committed to enriching and transforming the lives of homeless children in the District of Columbia by providing them with high-quality, professionally-led arts programming. They empower children to reach their potential by fostering critical thinking skills, creative expression, self-esteem, and social skills.

Reach Incorporated - Reach strives to improve reading skills, across ages, by hiring and training struggling adolescent readers in DCPS schools to tutor 3rd graders in DC elementary schools.

Reach for College! *Closed -

Reaching Inside for Self-Esteem (RISE) - *closed - RISE provides youth development, crime prevention services, and HIV/AIDS education programs to communities East of the River.

Resources for Inner City Children (RICH) - RICH is dedicated to providing professional tutoring, SAT preparation, and teacher mentoring to inner city high schools in Washington, D.C. In an effort to make certain that every student becomes a productive adult living up to his or her potential, RICH also coordinates with organizations that provide tutoring services, psycho-educational testing, college counseling, advocacy, occupational therapy, and other educational resources.

The Scholarship Academy - The Scholarship Academy helps make college a realistic opportunity for low-income students by equipping them with the necessary tools to obtain financial aid opportunities.

School Justice Project - provides free special education legal services to DC youth ages 17-22 who are involved in the juvenile justice system. SJP represents the oldest court-involved students in special education cases, working with its clients to ensure that they receive the education and transition services they are entitled to under Federal and District law, regardless of incarceration. 2015

Serenity, Inc. - Serenity, Inc. is a family focused program that provides individual and group counseling, mentoring, tutoring, family strengthening, and cultural and recreational services to youth ages 12-18 and their families living in the H Street, NE corridor. Founded in 1997, the organization seeks to improve academics, behavior, and character for the benefit of individuals, families, schools, and communities.

Southeast Ministry - develops culturally sensitive education programs that address root causes of social problems such as poverty, illiteracy, and violence. They offer GED preparation classes and job readiness programs including computer/IT training to help young adults reach their full potential.

Teaching for Change - provides teachers and parents with the tools to create schools where students learn to read, write and change the world. By drawing direct connections to real world issues, Teaching for Change encourages teachers, parents, and students to question and re-think the world inside and outside their classrooms, build a more equitable, multicultural society, and become active global citizens.

Technology Playground - Technology Playground aims to develop the social, economic, and educational skills of youth into community leaders through the use of teaching, training and empowerment utilizing resources of information technology. Through a Youth Entrepreneurial Program, a Youth Empowerment Project, and an upcoming Virtual Trails project that allows youth to experience DC through a computer experience, Technology Playground challenges young people and exposes them learning various skills through technology.

TeensRunDC - works to support the social growth of low income, underserved DC youth and their families. "Teens Run DC" empowers at-risk youth to envision and work towards the achievement of personal goals through a youth mentoring and distance running program. "Through My Eyes" empowers at-risk youth, providing them with a safe space where they can give vision and voice to their life stories.

The Urban Alliance Foundation, Inc. - Urban Alliance prepares economically disadvantaged DC high school students for the workforce by providing year-long internships, work skills training and professional development workshops.

Uplift, Inc. - researches existing conditions within underrepresented communities and develops technology-based and educational programs, products, and services to empower lifelong learners, strong citizens, leaders, and resilient neighborhoods and communities. Uplift provides safe out-of-school activities and environments for children with opportunities for self and creative expression, development in social and leadership skills, and educational achievement, as well as vocational and career skills ready for the 21st century marketplace

Urban Ed - Urban Ed strives to provide education, information and skill development to low-income people of color to foster economic independence. Offering career, technical and business training, and skill building, Urban Ed works with youth from Oak Hill and the wards 7 & 8 community to help secure skills in the technology field and improve their visions of their future.

Ward 8 Tennis Council - Ward 8 Tennis Council provides residents of Southeast with safe and structured activities to teach the basics of tennis, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and provide an alternative to drugs and violence.

Wilderness Leadership & Learning, Inc. - offers challenging outdoor adventures, unique learning experiences, and team-building activities to inspire youth living within the city who often don't have the chance to experience nature to live the best life possible, saying what they mean, doing what they say, and growing to their full potential.

WINNERS Lacrosse - uses lacrosse as a vehicle to teach life skills to boys and girls (ages 7-15) from underserved areas of DC. WINNERS teaches teamwork, responsibility, respect, and accountability to help players reach their full potential as productive and responsible young men and women. 2015

Wise Young Builders - mission is to help under-served youth learn practical skills through hands on workshops and small group math focused instruction during out of school time. WYB fosters social responsibility and character building by encouraging civic engagement, academic achievement, and work ethic.

The Women's Collective - is a leading community health and human service agency in Washington, DC. They provide culturally competent, girl and young woman-focused, family-centered HIV/STD testing, education, care, and support services. They are advocates for the health and human rights of girls and young women. Their mission is to empower women, girls and their families with the skills and linkages to meet their self-defined needs, increase their access to care and support, and engage them-where they are-to 'own' their health outcomes, quality of life, and protect their rights.

Words Beats and Life (WBL) - WBL exists to develop the skills of youth in Ward 7 through hip-hop by providing artistic instruction, opportunities for self-expression, and mentoring relationships with local artists.

YoKid - helps underserved children and teens confront the challenges of stress and obesity by increasing their self-awareness, concentration levels, and physical activity through yoga. The YoKid yoga program has been shown to improve students' mood and physical fitness levels; students were less angry, more relaxed, more physically flexible, and showed improved concentration.

Young Ladies of Tomorrow (YLOT) - YLOT works with preadolescent and teenage girls who have become involved in the juvenile justice system. In hopes of redirecting their course toward meaningful and productive futures, YLOT provides counseling, therapeutic recreation, job training, mentorship, and other services/opportunities for its participants.

Young Playwright's Theater - mission is to inspire young people to realize the power of their own voices. By teaching students to express themselves through the art of playwriting, YPT develops students' language skills, and empowers them with the creativity, confidence and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Youth Court of DC - Youth Court of DC provides alternative sentencing to first-time juvenile offenders and serves as a diversion program for youth who have committed minor, non-violent infractions. Youth Court provides an avenue for teens to take responsibility for their actions with the goal of keeping them out of the juvenile justice system.

YOUR Community Center - YOUR Community Center provides structured programming for youth to promote their academic, cultural, social, and emotional development. YOUR Community Center is ‘open when school is closed’

Youth Leadership Foundation - mission is to build character and support the pursuit of academic excellence enabling youth in the DC-MD-VA area to enhance the trajectory of their lives. Their Saturday, summer and after-school programs emphasize mentoring and parental involvement.